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Customer Testimonials

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Dick's approach to value discovery is the most complete I've seen.


After working with Dick on a comprehensive business case, I was prepared to walk the potential customer through it. They were extremely appreciative of the level of detail that we put into the business case and were excited to present some areas of value they hadn't thought about to their senior leadership.


This established us as a trusted advisor and ultimately resulted in a 7 figure deal to close out Q4!

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Zander Steele
Vice President Enterprise Sales

RWT Consulting was engaged by HyperScience to create a strong Business Case/ROI Model for their innovative AI/Machine Learning digitization software platform.  Previous attempts to calculate their solution value yielded cost savings, but Bill Strogis, VP of Sales knew there was more.  RWT Consulting was able to find four new revenue based values never before calculated, plus a new HR use case which also generated value.  The result drove the annualized value of their solution, from approximately $800k to over $39 million.  Dick was also able to align the HyperScience solution to the CEO's top two initiatives making HyperScience's solution very strategic in value.  This $2 million "land" deal is only the beginning and expand deal could be 5-7 times greater. 

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