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Validation Events

The Unstructured Validation Event

Prospects like to try your solution before they buy.  There is nothing wrong with this.  The problem is they wish to try your software with no limits or boundaries of what, when, and how they will do that.  In today's SaaS world this is even more prevalent and even encouraged.  While this may work for consumer software and small business, it typically doesn't work for selling to the enterprise. 

Validation Events Expend Precious Company Resources

Let's face it, you are going to put your best resources on validation events because you need the revenue.  With a poorly structured event, these resources could be tied up for a long time and with no clear criteria for success or time frame to judge success.  The result, another zombie deal, wasted resources and other real deals suffer as they didn't get the "A Team".

A Better Way

Most companies have a documented Sales Process.  They have documented the process because they have assessed and determined all the steps necessary to close a sale.  The process, if done well, identifies the most efficient path to winning the sale.

The Validation Event doesn't get documented as often.  However, due to its critical nature, it should be documented as well.  This offering will help build a well structured Validation Event Process.  It will include everything you need to insure these resource intensive events are executed in the shortest possible time yielding a clear winner.  A Validation Event Planning Guide (Enabler) will be provided to your sellers as a collaborative tool  to be used with the prospect to plan these events.  The planning of the Validation Event with the prospect, results in building credibility and trust with the prospect, as you approach the Validation Event.  Your sellers will have agreement in advance over specific start and finish dates, use cases to be tested, weighted decision criteria for each test, a detailed schedule of all the Validation Event activities and meetings, support coverage plan and contact information. 


If done well, the decision criteria will nicely align to your solutions differentiation.  Your sellers will be perceived as business team partners, helping a busy prospect make the right decision in the most efficient fashion.  Let me help you build this valuable process and tool to drive your sellers to elite status and close 90% + of your post Validation Event opportunities.



  • $30,000 single location delivery

  • Expenses billed at actuals

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