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All of RWT Consulting's course offerings are designed to fit your budget, provide progressive quarterly offerings over a two year path to "Elite Selling".   Most all quarterly offerings are deliverable within a 1/2  day fitting nicely into your QBR schedule.


Eliminate the burden of planning, building content and delivering training while trying to maintain your full time job. 

In addition, all offerings are delivered with the intent of transferring knowledge to your company and helping your team become self sustaining when you choose to do so with no continuing license or content fees.


Messaging Picture 2.png
Mastering The Message

Remove the friction from the sales process.  Make the shift to customer centric selling and gain consistency of message across all of Sales.


Sellers learn via custom role plays to perform discovery of pain to annualized dollars in Revenue Loss, Risk and Cost so that the cost of doing nothing is well understood and either compels the customer to action or allows the seller to qualify out of the deal.

Value Pyramid Template_edited.png
Value Pyramids

You simply cannot transform from selling product features to solving business problems unless you know your prospects business.  Building A Value Pyramid gives you this knowledge.

Proof Point.jpg
Proof Point

Make sure your proof points are hard hitting and packed with transposable annualized value which will break the inertia of "do nothing" and advance your sale to the next stage.

Business Case.png
The Business Case as a
Strategic Weapon

The Business Case never sells the solution but it gets the solution approved and executed effectively, it yields an unfair competitive advantage over the competition.  Is your business case/ROI process a strategic weapon?

Sales MEDDIC Group.png

Deploy a common method and language for deal qualification.  Integrate MEDDICC into the Sales Process to insure consistent qualification throughout the Sales Cycle.

Are your demos uninterrupted machine gun feature fests ending with, "Well, what do you think?"  Do you walk out of the demo shaking your head because you failed to qualify any value of the amazing capabilities you just demonstrated?

IQ2 Demos.png
Preliminary Business Case (IQ2 Demos)

Confidence is one of the most important things a seller can have.  If your seller lacks confidence, the prospect can smell it from a mile away.  Confidence provides conviction and authority which comes from knowledge.  Solid Industry Profiles equip the seller with the information they need to have that confidence and conviction.  Their courage level will go up five fold when they really understand their solutions value in a particular industry.  That confidence and courage will translate into revenue.

Industry Profile Cover.jpg
Industry Profiles

The Validation Event is a pivotal point in the sales process.  Done right, you stand a 90% + chance of closing the deal.   When this process is not carefully managed, you get zombie deals on your forecast and nobody likes zombies!

Design To Win
Validation Events

What if your battle cards actually allowed your sellers to tell a story about the competition which was factual and compelling?

Business Based Battle Cards.pptx.jpg
Business Based
Battle Cards

Do your sellers know how their solution capabilities map to use cases, operational value and business value?  Without this understanding they will not know how to discovery or qualify and quantify your solutions value with your prospects.

Value Map 2.png
The Value Map
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