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Dick Thomas is the Founder and Principal of RWT Consulting.  After only three years in sales, Dick and his brother Jim founded J.D. Thomas Company, a sales software business.  Their product, The Sales Professional,  was a comprehensive sales software platform ahead of its time.  Winning deals against Hewlett Packard's "Sales Power" was quite an accomplishment for this two man startup which provided a great foundation for understanding sales and the processes associate with Elite Selling.


His passion for excellence, detail and good process have propelled him to the top of many highly competitive sales organizations such as PTC, Ariba, BladeLogic and BMC to name a few.  Learning to manage people the hard way, Dick became Vice President of Sales at four startup companies where his learnings, methods and tools were deployed, tested and refined.  Now, going forward with RWT Consulting, Dick enjoys helping Sales organizations achieve their best.


Dick and Manuel outside the Rancho del Nino orphanage in Emplame Mexico.


Dick has been married to his beautiful and successful wife Patti for over 30 years.  They share three children and live in Fountain Hills Arizona.  As a man of faith, Dick helped found McDowell Mountain Community church 25 years ago and a Men's Bible study at his church which he has led for more than 20 years.  Dick loves children and has taught Sunday School to 4-5 grades for over 22 years.  For the last 10 years, Dick has worked to help feed and cloth the orphan children of Rancho del Nino in Emplame Mexico. 


"Our passions in life can take us many places.  I have been more than blessed with where mine have taken me".

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