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The Value Map

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Lost In The Feature/Function Desert

Most sellers are taught their solutions features and capabilities and then they are unleashed onto unsuspecting prospects.  The plucky sellers then spewed everything they have learned upon their prospect.  In many cases It's left to the prospect to figure out on their own the value of what was presented and demonstrated. 


These sellers are expecting an awful lot of their prospective customers:

1.  They must mentally map product features to their internal use cases to assess application.

2.  They must assess the advantages of your solution.

3.  They must calculate the "Operational Value" or value to the end user organization.

Lastly, the "Business Value" or the business impact of the operational value typically never gets calculated because no one thinks things through the implications to the business.  Typically the Business Value is 10X the Operational Value and even the Operational Value rarely gets calculated effectively.

As a result, deal sizes are much smaller than they could be and sales cycles are longer as they lack urgency.  The sellers fail to get high and wide because they have no comprehension of their solutions value outside the end user organization.

A Better Way - The Value Map

Of course your product features and capabilities are important and sellers must know this information backwards and forwards.  However, they need to know how your solutions features and capabilities align to the use cases across all industries.  For each use case, they need to understand the Operational Value (value to the end user organization) your solution will generate.  They also need a compelling proof point for that value which is aligned to industry and use case.  Lastly, they need to understand the Business Value (impact on the business) the Operational Value delivers with strong contextual proof points.

The Value Map provides all this and it is foundational to all aspect of Value Selling.  RWT Consulting will work with your experts to create your companies Solution Value Map.  This Map will clearly show sellers where their value is greatest across all relevant industries and use cases.  This foundational tool can then be use to drive your demo plan, business case, and sales strategy.


  • Value Map


  • $15,000 per solution

  • Expenses billed at actuals

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