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Customer Testimonials

Ryanne Murphy.jpeg
Ryanne Murphy
Director Sales Optimization

We hired RWT Consulting (Dick Thomas) to help us build out a framework for our organization to categorize and message our value. This work included coaching our teams on best practice, messaging frameworks, as well as facilitating exercises on crafting content.


Dick kept us focused on making sure our efforts were sales consumable and aligned to customer value.


One tangible impact this work has on our business and team was enhanced qualification skills. This improvement led to a 50% increase in the sales velocity of the first stage of the sales cycle.


Dick's experience as a seller, value engineer, and business owner has clearly helped him build a suite of offerings and skills that can help organizations gain clarity and alignment on the value propositions that resonate with prospects so that they become customers.

RWT Consulting helped ThousandEyes sort out their message in a complex market space.  ThousandEyes differentiation was clearly identified and backed with powerful proof points.  The entire messaging content was provided for Sales in an online Call Planning and Reporting tool which allowed them to quickly adopt this complex change.  Sellers new to ThousandEyes were delighted to have such critical information always available at the point of need.  Sales Operations loved the tool as it made it easy to rapidly update their sales messaging to keep up with their dynamic market.

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