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Mastering The Message

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Friction in The Sale Process
Customer Centric Selling

How many sales pitch decks have we seen where the first five slides are all about the vendor?  Our great company, our great products, our great management team, our great investors and our great customers.

By the fifth slide, the prospect has heard about enough, in fact they have stopped listening.  These meetings never go well.

Mastering The Message helps sellers remove this friction by aligning their discussions with the prospect resulting in a much more natural and conversational flow encouraging the prospect to become more comfortable and open about discussing their business problems.

Understanding Your Solution Value

Many companies leave understanding their value up to the customer.  How many sales presentations or demos have you been in when concluded, the seller asked you, "Well, how did you like it".  It's not enough to just know your product capabilities and be able to articulate them and then expect the customer to tell you all about the value they see.  This never happens.  When sellers have mastery of their message, they gain the ability to ask insightful questions about the prospect's pain going several levels deep, until they can calculate the annual cost of not having your solution.


Ask five of your sellers to explain the top benefits of your solution and provide some examples of quantifiable value for each of those benefits.  You are likely to get five different answers.  None of them may be wrong but they will be different.  Wouldn't it be nice if every seller could articulate the most important values of your solution and cite consistent examples for each one.  Mastering The Message helps companies do just that.  Clearly identifying your highest value to your customers and enabling the to articulate this value in a compelling fashion.  The multiplier effect of consistency is a strong one across the sales organization as every seller steps up to a high level of execution.



  • Custom quote based on message complexity

  • Expenses billed at actuals

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