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Proof Point Assesment/Fulfullment

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Proof Point Assessment

Are your proof points on target?  Are they hard hitting?  Are they tailored for the prospect based on use case, industry segment, geography, competitor and other relevant factors?  Do your proof points actually communicate annualized transposable value? 


Annualized transposable value means that if you tell the story to your prospect, there is enough detailed information to allow them to calculate what your annual solution value would be if they were your customer.

The Proof Point Assessment evaluates all of these factors and identifies gaps in your proof points.  An example of a gap would be having multiple proof points in the Technology industry but none in Retail. 


In addition, the Proof Point Evaluator tool is used to score all your proof points on quality across 9 metrics.  This separates "fluff" from real value. 


Once the gaps are identified the next step is Proof Point Fulfillment.

Proof Point Fulfillment

This process involves directing quarterly proof point collection contests aimed at filling the gaps.  The Proof Point Evaluator is utilized to teach sellers what a good proof point really looks like and allow them to score their own proof points for submission in the contest.  There is no better way to build a killer library of hard hitting, value based, proof points which go a long way in driving momentum throughout the sales process.

Heading 1


  • Proof point gap analysis

  • On-line Training which defines good proof points

  • Proof Point Evaluator tool

  • Enhanced Proof Point Library


  • $30,000

  • Expenses billed at actuals

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