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Value Pyramids

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Understanding The Prospect's Business
  1. Do your sellers know their prospect's business? 

  2. Do they understand what's most important to them for the next 1-3 years? 

  3. Do they understand how your solution aligns to their current objectives, strategy, business initiatives and challenges?

  4. Are they aware of the financial condition of the company and how it impacts their decisions?

  5. Are they able to conduct business conversations with he prospect as well as technical conversations? 


If the answer is no, then your sellers are not equipped to execute large strategic deals and while smaller deal are nice, they will not get your company to that next level or produce the million dollar seller which makes recruiting top talent much easier.

Value Pyramids

The Value Pyramid offering teaches your sellers how to perform relevant research on their prospects efficiently and effectively.  They learn "where to look" and "what to look for" in their research.  They also learn how to interpret what they have found and turn that into insightful business level qualifying questions which will engage prospects at the executive level.

If your sellers finds that your solution aligns with the prospects strategy and business initiatives, your deal will grow and will move very quickly with strong executive sponsorship.  Sellers will begin to think like business people and about solving their prospect's business problems and their sales productivity will grow significantly.

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  • $40,000 single location delivery

  • Expenses billed at actuals

Read the true story:
"Selling Beyond The End User Organization"
See the actual impact Value Pyramids can have on your business.
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