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Industry Profiles

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Defense Industry Profile

The Value of Industry Profiles

Confidence is one of the most important things a seller can have.  If your seller lacks confidence, the prospect can smell it from a mile away.  Confidence provides conviction and authority which comes from knowledge.  Solid Industry Profiles equip the seller with the information they need to have that confidence and conviction.  Their courage level will go up five fold when they really understand their solutions value in a particular industry.  That confidence and courage will translate into revenue.

In addition, strong industry profiles will give your company the ability to focus on hiring excellence irrespective of industry because your company is providing the Industry level knowledge required for their success.  This opens up the recruiting field and helps to fill positions more quickly and effectively.

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The Market

Imagine your sellers gaining key insights into the market such as size, largest buyers, market segments and relevant information which gives them the courage to prospect and sell boldly into this space.


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Market Segments

Sellers will hit the ground running with a broad understanding of their solution value across all market segments.


Who Are The Buyers.jpg
The Buyers

Every seller wants to know, who are my buyers?  What are they like?  Where do I find them?  Industry Profiles can provide these answers with out the seller having discover this critical information on their own which wastes valuable selling time.

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Industry Trends

Seller can't have a conversation with an industry executive without a solid comprehension of that executives industry trends and how your solutions aligns to those trends.  Getting meetings with executives is much easier when your emails, texts and conversations are at the level the executive thinks and speaks about.  Industry Profiles typically qualify 10-20 industry trends and explain the implications of those trends visa via your solution.

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Target Titles

Industry Profiles will qualify 10-20 target titles for each industry.  These give the seller detailed knowledge of who they will be selling to and why your solution is important to them.  Duties and responsibilities for the title are explained.  The profile will also show sellers the trends they care about, relevant initiatives and challenges they face.  Lastly, relevant video clips of people with these titles discussing their business challenges are provided.  This rich set of data make sellers much more comfortable and ready to sell with power!

Valid Use Cases.jpg
Relevant Use Cases

It's critical the seller understand all the use cases for their solution as well as how the use cases differ from industry to industry.  Having this knowledge allows the seller to easily transition their discussion no matter what industry they may be selling to on their next call.  The Profile will provide video representation of all your solutions relevant use cases for the industry.


  • Industry Profile in slide format


  • $10,000 per industry

  • Expenses billed at actuals

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