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Gold Miner Discovery

Goldminer Discovery

For most sellers, discovery does not come natural.  They are much more comfortable pitching their product, company or customer base than they are asking questions let alone questions around a prospects pain.  As a result, they discover like frogs.


Frogs hop from topic to topic and fail to qualify value.  They may qualify that a pain exists i.e." our process has errors", at which point they will check the box and hop over to the next topic.

A Gold Miner on the other hand will swing his pick and ask the first question.  When the prospect says, "our process has errors", the Goldminer will then swing the pick again and ask, "What's the average cost of an error?"  And the he will swing the pick again and ask, "How many errors do you have per week, month or year"?  At which point, our Goldminer can now calculate the annualized cost of errors to the business.  Even when the vein of gold sees played out, our Gold Miner will swing the pick one more time and ask, "Are there any other impact errors have on the business?"  When the answer is no, then and only then does our Gold Miner move on to the next pain and begin the process all over again.


It all sounds pretty simple but when you are in front of a real prospect it is not an easy thing to do.  This course uses customize role plays to your business and teaches your sellers Discover Like Gold Miners across the spectrum of your solutions value.  If your prospects need a sense of urgency and motivation to engage with your sellers, this course delivers.  It is essential if you desire your team to build a business case justification.  Lastly, this will be a career enduring skill for your sellers and they will always be grateful to the company that trained them.


  • Training course 3/4 day

  • Annotated training deck

  • Electronic student workbooks


  • $45,000 single 1 Custom Role Play

  • Discovery questions framework

    • Revenue, Cost, Risk included​

  • Expenses billed at actuals

Watch the video: 
Are your Sellers Frogs or Gold Miners

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