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Customer Testimonials

Steve Tsuchiyama VP Sales.jpeg
Steve Tsuchiyama
Vice President Sales

It was a pleasure to engage Dick and RWT Consulting for our recent SKO/New Hire Training.


His commitment to excellence made the preparation and delivery seamless. What was impressive is that in a short period of time, and in a completely remote fashion, he was able to understand our industry and our business and construct a program that is already impacting the productivity of our sales team. His real-world experience as a seller and sales leader established credibility with our team and enabled him to construct true-to-life scenarios (and role plays...everyone's favorite activity). Ongoing adoption and sustainability is facilitated through online tools.


All of this value far exceeds our investment which is at least three times less than other programs. 

RWT Consulting built and delivered the "trifecta" of Business Value Selling, Value Pyramids, Value Messaging and Business Case ROI for FortressIQ.  Steve is an exceptional VP of Sales, recognizing the need to implement a solid foundation early in his company's growth cycle.  Steve knows that when his team is solving business problems vs. pitching product, the deals will grow and the sales cycle shrinks.  He made that important investment now vs. later positioning FortressIQ to "Scale with Excellence".

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